Helping to prevent the
risk of pressure damage

Dermisplus® Prevent redistributes peak pressures over a wider surface area, reducing the risk of pressure related tissue damage. Versatile and flexible, Dermisplus Prevent can be used on intact skin, anywhere on the body.

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How does it work?

Dermisplus® Prevent cushions and protects by redistributing peak pressures over the surface area of the pad.

It can be used anywhere on the body identified as being ‘at risk’, especially where there are bony prominences, for example on heels, elbows and the sacrum, as well as under medical devices helping to prevent device-related pressure injuries.

Flexible and versatile

Dermisplus® Prevent is flexible enough to conform to the patient’s body shape and versatile enough for use in many different applications. Use the heel pads on vulnerable elbows or the sacral pad around ankles.

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With medical devices

Pressure injuries from medical devices are common and can cause significant morbidity in patients of all ages1. Use Dermisplus® Prevent underneath the device itself to help reduce the risk of device-related pressure injuries2.

The Dermisplus® Prevent product range

Dermisplus® Prevent Pad

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Dermisplus® Prevent Strips

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Dermisplus® Prevent Sacrum

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Dermisplus® Prevent Heel

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Dermisplus® Prevent Pad

With versatile application, the pads can be used to provide pressure redistribution to many areas of the body including the occiput, between the knees, under the chin or folded for hand contractures.

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Dermisplus® Prevent Strips

Ideal for protecting pressure points on digits, or for longer body areas such as the spine.

Dermisplus® Prevent Strips are ideal for use under medical devices to prevent pressure damage. For example, face masks, oxygen masks, nasal specs, tracheostomy tubing and ties, rigid collars.

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Dermisplus® Prevent Sacrum

Designed for the sacral area, this pad can also be used around other awkward body areas such as ankles or shoulders.

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Dermisplus® Prevent Heel

Available in two sizes (standard and large), the heel pad can be used long ways across the foot to protect the sole or across the heel to protect the back of the foot. It can also be used to protect elbows.

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The benefits of Dermisplus®


Despite being soft and conformable, Dermisplus® Prevent will remain intact for several weeks, providing a convenient, easy to use cost-effective solution.

Cut to size

Cut Dermisplus® Prevent to fit challenging body anatomies.

Patient friendly

Dermisplus® Prevent is latex-free, non-irritating and skin friendly.


Dermisplus® Prevent can be washed with soap and water and re-used on the same patient.

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We are Frontier Therapeutics

Pioneering simplicity in pressure injury prevention

With the overall prevalence of pressure injuries standing at 9.3%3 and costs to treat ranging from $21,000 – $152,0004, pressure injuries are serious, costly and yet preventable.

Effecting more than 2.5 million patients in the United States each year, in hospitals alone4, improving the implementation of preventative interventions has never been more important. At Frontier Therapeutics, we understand the challenges you face on a daily basis, and we want to help.

With a well-established range of products that will simply and effectively support your pressure injury prevention strategy, improve quality of care and ultimately help to reduce pressure injury prevalence5, we are Frontier Therapeutics!


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